Batsmen with the most international centuries is a list every single batsman would love to be present in. This list or record is a testimony to the blood, sweat, and tears put by each and every single player.

To get to represent your country in any format of the game, in itself is a very big momentum, but to score a century while wearing the national jersey is an even bigger achievement. 

All the batsmen on this list would have put a lot of time and effort to reach this level of brilliance and we all need to appreciate them for their consistency and also for their greatness with the bat. 

Any cricket fan will know that being a batsman is not such an easy task. The amount of pressure and stress you have to deal with is insane, and still to overcome all that, and smash a brilliant century, needs to be applauded. 

So, today we will be reviewing those batsmen who have scored the most centuries in international cricket. Sit back and relax, because this list is insane and is sure to blow your mind.


Sachin Tendulkar- 100 centuries:

Even if you are not a cricket fan, there is no way you don’t know who Sachin Tendulkar is. One of the greatest ever players to hold the bat, Sachin Tendulkar is rightly dubbed, as the “God of cricket”. Tendulkar is the only player to have scored 100 centuries, which itself is insane and just shows what a great player he was. 

Sachin Tendulkar represented India for 24 years, and with each passing year, he became more and more important to the team. Sachin played an insane 664 matches for India and has scored an even more insane 34357 runs across all formats of the game. 

The majority of Sachin’s century was in the test format, 51 to be precise and the remaining 49 were in the ODIs. Sachin has a high score of 248 not out and an average of 48.52.

Tendulkar, as mentioned, is considered to be one of the greatest ever batsmen, and all his records justify that statement.

Ricky Ponting- 71 centuries:

Next on the list, we have another legend, Ricky Ponting. Apart from being an exceptional batsman, Ricky Ponting is also considered to be by many, one of the greatest captains as well. Under his guidance, he has led Australia to many victories and was also the leading man behind Australia’s back-to-back ICC cricket world cup victories. 

As a batsman, Ricky Ponting has broken and set many records. He represented Australia for 17 years and made over 560 appearances for the national team. He has scored a total of 27483 runs, with an average of 45.95. 

Ponting has hit 41 test centuries and 30 ODI centuries. He has a high score of 257. Ponting, similar to Tendulkar, has been included in many halls of fame and is also considered to be one of Australia’s greatest ever players.

Virat Kohli- 70 centuries:

The only active player in the top five, “King Kohli” has been dubbed by many the player to break Sachin’s record. Kohli has represented India for over 13 years, and in that short span, he has managed to rack up 70 centuries. Similar to Tendulkar, with each passing year, Kohli has become more and more important to the team.

Kohli has scored 23 test centuries and 43 ODI centuries. The majority of his ODI centuries have come while chasing down a target, and because of his ability to take down any large score, he has been nicknamed the “Chase master”. 

Kohli has a top score of 254 not out and has an average of 55.78. Which is one of the highest among any players. Kohli is a prime example of dedication and consistency, and whether or not he will break Sachin’s record is left to be seen, but you can be sure, he will put up a good fight.

Kumar Sangakkara- 63 centuries:

The Sri Lankan legend also features on this list, Kumar Sangakkara has hit 63 centuries in 594 matches. Sangakkara has represented Sri Lanka in all formats of the game and spent 15 years with the national squad. 

Kumar Sangakkara has scored 38 test centuries and 25 ODI centuries. He has a top score of 319, which is absolutely mental. In his 15 years playing for the national side, Sangakkara has scored 28016 runs and has an average of 46.77.  

He was also Sri Lanka’s captain and guided his nation to the ICC cricket world cup finals in 2011.

Jacques Kallis- 45 centuries:

Jacques Kallis is the last player to make it into the top 5 of this coveted list. He has notched up an impressive 45 centuries in 519 matches. 

He made his debut for the Proteas in 1995 and was an integral part of the team till his retirement in 2014. Jacques Kallis has scored 25534 runs and most of his centuries were in the Test format. 45 in tests and 17 in ODI’s.

Kallis was known for big-hitting skills and is considered by many to be South Africa’s greatest ever batsman.

These are the batsmen who have scored the most centuries in International cricket. It will be interesting to see if Virat Kohli has broken Sachin Tendulkar’s record or not, but no matter what, his presence on this list has already made him a legend along with the others.