All-rounders are an important addition to any team. They provide the option to both, bat and bowl, and any cricket team, be it in the IPL or national level, have had all-rounders in their squad. Some cricketing legends say that all-rounders provide the much-needed balance in the team. Their ability to bowl an extra over or help the team with the bat is super impressive. Today, we are going to be looking at the top all-rounders to watch out for in this IPL.


Ravindra Jadeja:

Is there anything to say about this man? We have all seen what he can do with the ball, and very recently we saw his big-hitting skills with the bat as well. In the match against RCB, we saw what a true all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja is. HIs 62 in just 28 balls during the last few overs, turned the match around completely. And when it looked like RCB was in control, he came and took them all out with his bowling. Jadeja got the crucial wickets of a very informed Maxwell, and always inform ABD.  At the end of the night, Jadeja picked up 3 wickets and conceded just 13 runs in 4 overs, absolutely impressive. This is just one game, Jadeja has shown in class in many games and proved again and again, why he is such an important player to any team. Apart from his legendary batting and bowling, Jadeja is also an absolutely wonderful fielder, he has taken some extremely surprising catches and made some decisive run-outs as well. So far in this IPL, Jadeja has played 6 matches and he has scored 109 runs and taken 5 wickets, but I am sure that tally will increase.

Hardik Pandya:

Similar to Ravindra Jadeja, what is there to say about this man. Even though Pandya has had a slow start to the IPL, this big-hitter just needs one game to turn all that around. Pandya is known for his ability to clear the ground, and also bowl those deadly balls that can get any top-quality batsmen to rethink their decision to play the match. Hardik has been with Mumbai since 2015, and there is a very solid reason as to why Mumbai has not let him go. In the 7 seasons Hardik has played with Mumbai, he has played a total of 86 matches, scored 1385 runs, and taken 42 wickets. He also has a high score of 91 not out and has the best bowling figure of 3/20. As mentioned, Hardik has had a slow start to the IPL so far, but I’m certain he will change that.

Moeen Ali:

Another CSK player on the list, this time it is the England-born, Moeen Ali. England has had some good all-rounders, Ben Stokes, Sam Curran (more about him later), and also among them is Moeen Ali. Moeen’s spin bowling has left many batsmen and people scratching their heads, wondering how he did it. Ali played a vital role during England’s 2019 World Cup victory. Ali has also showcased his skills with the bat on man occasions as well. Ali started his IPL journey with Royal Challengers Bangalore and spent 3 seasons with them. He was recruited by Chennai Super Kings ahead of the 2021 edition of the tournament, and so far, like Jadeja, he too has been an important player for the team.  Moeen has played 5 matches so far, and has scored 148runs, and picked up 4 wickets. Moeen has played 24 matches in the IPL so far, and has scored 148 runs, and picked up 14 wickets.

Washington Sundar:

My initial choice was to go with Chris Morris, but for some reason, I back this young man a lot. At only 21 years of age, Sundar still has a long way to go, but he has shown what an absolutely wonderful player he is.  Sundar started his IPL journey with Rising Super Giants and after one season he was acquired by Royal Challengers Bangalore. Sundar has played 42 matches in the  IPL so far and he has scored 217 runs and picked up 27 wickets. In the current IPL, Washington Sudar has played 6 matches and scored 31 runs, and picked up 3 wickets, and I know these numbers aren’t that impressive, but he is still young and there is still a long way left to go in the tournament. For some odd reason, I am betting on him to shine.

Sam Curran:

The last player 0n this list and it’s another CSK payer looks like CSK has all the good all-rounders on their team. Sam Curran, although doesn’t bat very high in the order, has shown his skills with the bat, and do we even need to mention his bowling ability. Against RCB, Sam picked the crucial wicket of Virat Kohli, and against SRH in the previous game, Sam got the extremely crucial wicket of Jonny Bairstow. Curran started his IPL journey with Punjab Kings and was acquired by CSK for the 2020 edition of the tournament. So far, Sam has played 6 matches in the IPL and has scored 52 runs and picked up 6 wickets. In total, Sam has played 29 matches in the IPL and scored 333 runs, and picked up 29 wickets.

These are the all-rounders, in my opinion, you should all be watching out for. As mentioned, my bet is with Washington Sundar, but if either one of them has a stellar season, I will be a proud man.