Bowlers with the most International wickets

Bowlers with the Most International Wickets – A list that millions of bowlers aspire to be on. Being a part of International Cricket is not easy. It takes sheer hard work and true dedication to be a part of the International Cricket Team.

And, even when you are a part of a team, you still can’t let loose. You’ve got to pull up your socks every single day. You’ve got to work on your skills. And as a bowler, fitness is another issue that you’ve got to think about.

Being the best bowler in International cricket is not easy. In fact, it takes years of hard work and so much experience. Therefore, it is pretty sure that the names you are gonna see here are the ones who have taken the world by a storm.

These bowlers have proved their metal and have stood the test of time. And, therefore today we see them in the list of “Bowlers with Most International Wicket”

So, let’s take a quick look at the best Bowlers of our times – the bowlers who have taken the most International wickets to date.

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The Deadshot of cricket…… Bowlers with the most International wickets

Muttiah Muralitharan- 534 wickets

There are some players you have to see or witness live to know their talent, a 10-minute highlights video won’t do justice to their great talent, Muttiah Muralitharan was one of them. There are only two players who have taken more than 500 wickets, and to have such a record associated with your name is absolutely amazing. 

The Sri Lankan spinner picked up 534 wickets at an average of 23.08 and at an economy rate of 3.93. He also has 10 5-wicket hauls, which is truly insane.

Muralitharan’s best ODI figures were against India where he took 7 wickets and conceded just 30 runs. Muralitharan is known to have revolutionized the art of spin bowling, bringing in new techniques and styles that absolutely confused some of the top batsmen of the game.

Muralitharan is also the second-highest wicket-taker in World Cup history with 68 wickets. Muralitharan did play for the IPL. He represented Chennai Super Kings, Kochi Tucker’s Kerala, and the Royal Challengers Bangalore. In the 7 seasons he played, he took 63 wickets with the best figure of 3/11.

Wasim Akram- 502 Wickets

The second player and last player on this list to have taken more than 500 wickets, the Pakistani legend, Wasim Akram. When you mention the name itself, I am certain batsmen and fans alike will have goosebumps.

Wasim Akram’s bowling is as deadly as a rocket coming your way, and the best thing to do on both occasions would be to avoid it. Wasim Akram has an average of 23.52 at an economic rate of 3.89.

His best bowling figure was against Zimbabwe in 1993, where he took 5 wickets and conceded just 15 runs. Wasim played a huge role in Pakistan’s 1992 World Cup-winning year. He finished as the tournament’s highest wicket-taker, with 18 wickets. Even just watching this legend’s highlights on YouTube you will realize what an insane player he is.

Interestingly, Wasim Arkham is said to be the founder of the reverse swing, a technique that had mystified batsmen then and also now.

Waqar Younis- 416 Wickets

Another Pakistani legend, Waqar Younis and Wasim Akram combined on many occasions to cause huge pain for opposition batsmen. If Virat Kohli and AB de Villiers, are the batman and robin in terms of batting, then these two are in terms of bowling.

Waqar Younis has an average of 23.84 and has an economy rate of 4.68. Waqar Younis’s best bowling figure is absolutely insane, he took 7 wickets and conceded just 36 runs, and that too against England.

Waqar was nicknamed “The toe crusher” because of his extremely accurate yorkers, which could literally crush anyone’s toes.

Unfortunately, Waqar had to retire in his early 30’s, maybe if he had continued he could have had more wickets and maybe even be number 1 on this list. Waqar is also Pakistan’s youngest ever test captain, speaks a lot about this man’s caliber.

Chaminda Vas- 400 Wickets

So far we have seen two Pakistani legends and with the inclusion of Chaminda Vas, we will also be having two Sri Lankan legends.

Among all the other superstars in the Sri Lankan team during those years, Chaminda Vas’s name might not be well known among fans but do not let that change your opinion on what an absolute legend he is.

Vas holds the record for the best ODI bowling figure which is, 8/19 against Zimbabwe, I mean is there anything you can say about this.

Vas is known for his accurate line and length and also he is the youngest bowler to take 300 wickets. Vas played a huge role in Sri Lanka’s World Cup victory in 1996, where he finished the tournament with 23 wickets. 

Shahid Afridi- 395 Wickets

A name that will be more well known among today’s generation. Afraid was an absolutely brilliant all-rounder, who could get you those very crucial wickets and also score the big runs.

Afridi has an average of 34.51 and an economy rate of 4.62. Afraid has 9 five-wicket hauls to his name and has the best bowling figure of 7/12, against the West Indies. Afridi has played many important knocks and he is considered to be one of Pakistan’s greatest ever players.

These are the bowlers who defied all odds and reigned supreme against some of the top batsmen of the game. I’m certain in the next few years the whole dynamics of the game will change and we will see more bowlers come up with new techniques to bamboozle the batsmen and dominate the game.