Fielding is truly an art. with proper fielding techniques you will be saving plenty of runs for your team, and also create more opportunities to get the batsmen out. We have seen many players fly like superman, or sprint faster than Usain Bolt to make a catch or prevent the ball from going to the boundary.

Apart from having a steady and safe pair of hands, to be a good fielder you should also have a good presence in your surroundings and a bit of that superman ability.

Today we will be reviewing, the top ten greatest fielders of all time, how they got their super catching skills.


Jonty Rhodes:

Jonty Rhodes is considered by many to be the Sachin Tendulkar of fielding. You couldn’t get a ball past this man. He played for South Africa as a batsman, but his superhuman fielding abilities made him a hit and regular with the first team.

The way he would position himself to take a catch or make a throw was absolutely insane, and his accuracy was at another level.  Jonty Rhodes holds the record for taking the most catches in a single ODI match, 5 to be precise.

Jonty is currently the feeding coach of Punjab Kings, and you can defiantly see how well they have improved.

Herschelle Gibbs:

Another South African, Herschelle Gibbs apart from being an insanely talented batsman, is also considered to be by many, one of the top fielders of the game. Former Australian captain, Ricky Ponting mentioned that, in his opinion, Gibbs was better than Jonty Rhodes, as he could hit the stumps better.

Gibbs has affected the eighth highest number of run-outs in ODI. Gibbs is an extremely athletic player, and his previous experiences in sport may have helped him in his superhuman fielding ability.

Ricky Ponting:

Ricky Ponting is most famously known for his batting and captaincy, but he is also a very talented fielder. Ponting is most effective when you place him in the inner circle, where due to his speed, he can put pressure on batsmen and also cause run-outs.

Ponting has taken 194 catches in test cricket and 160 catches in ODI cricket, which is an insane feat.

Andrew Symonds:

Symonds may not have caused the most run-outs or taken the most catches, but due to his supreme athleticism and extremely strong arms, he has saved many runs.

Due to his great field awareness, Symonds has been great in anticipating where the ball is going and due to his fearless approach, he has not been afraid to put his arm out on many occasions to save the extra runs.

Ravindra Jadeja:

One of the greatest fielders India has produced, Ravindra Jadeja has been exceptional on the field and has made plenty of stunning catches.

You can place Jadeja anywhere on the field, and you can be guaranteed that that area will be safe and secured. Jadeja is one of India’s top fielders and his inclusion on this list makes all the sense. Just watch some of his highlights on youtube, and you will see what I am talking about.

Paul Collingwood:

Former England captain, Paul Collingwood, also makes it on this list. He has made plenty of stunning catches and his inclusion is a must.

Paul is an all-rounder, but due to his great fielding capabilities, he has also served as a wicket-keeper on many occasions.

Paul is currently the England national team’s fielding coach.

Steven Smith:

Before Smith became one of the greatest ever batsmen, he was known for his spin bowling and his superhuman fielding abilities. The wonderful thing about Steve Smith is that you always see him calm and composed on the field, you really ever see him jumping up and down, maybe due to this calm and cool persona, Smith has been able to read the ball really well and make some really impressive catches.

He may not bowl anymore, but his fielding is still of top quality.

Suresh Raina:

Suresh Raina was one of the early advocates of elegant fielding for Indian cricket. It is the likes of him, Virat Kohli, Ravindra Jadeja, that emphasized a lot on fielding and improved India.s fielding game.

Similar to all the other players on this list, you could place Suresh Raina anywhere on the field and you can be assured that that area will be safe.

Faf du Plessis:

The legendary South African batsmen is also a world-class fielder. Faf has made some brilliant catches and also denied plenty of runs for the opposition team. Having him in your team is like having any multi-purpose tool. Faf with his brilliant batting and fielding changes the whole dynamics of the game.

Ab de Villiers:

The last player on this list is Mr 360″. ABD has been legendary with the bat, but he also provides the same level of quality in his fielding. Even if he is wicketkeeping or playing as a fielder, ABD gives it his all and rarely ever disappoints. That is why he is one of South Africa’s and RCB’s greatest ever player.

These are the ten players with the safest and quickest pair of hands. Toss anything at them anytime, they will still take a wonderful catch.