Players with the Highest Strike rate in IPL

Players with a high strike rate are an asset to any team. You know you can bet on these players to score those fast runs in any given situation, they are almost like a saving grace to the team. They are the players who can take your team over the line and carry you to victory, Today, we will be going through the 10 players with the highest strike rate in IPL.

Players with the Highest Strike rate in IPL


The first name on this list is Andre Russel. The West Indies all-rounder is known for his batting escapades in the middle over. Andre’s 88 against CSK is a testimony to that.  He has played 74 matches in IPL and has scored 1517 runs with an average of 29.74. Russel is the type of player that can carry over the finish line and win you matches on a consistent basis.


Nicholas Pooran is relatively new to the IPL, having only played 21 matches. However, his strike rate of 165.39 is an indication that he knows what he is doing and can be trusted with it. Having played for Mumbai Indians, and currently plying his trade with the Kings XI Punjab, Pooran has made some serious contributions to his teams when they needed him the most. Pooran has a high score of 77 with an average of 32.56. At just 25 years old, it’s exciting to see what the future is for this young man.


The third West Indies player on this list, Sunil Narine has a strike rate of 164.27. Narine has hit 4 fifties in the IPL, with a high score of 75. The majority of Narine’s batting performances have come from the opening position. Out of the 892 balls he has faced in the IPL, 52 of them have been sixes.


India’s master batter, Hardik Pandya comes fourth on this list. Hardik has played 80 matches and has scored 4 half-centuries. Pandya, very much similar to Andre Russel, is known for his heroics in the middle over. The majority of his knocks have come for a winning cause, making him an extremely important player to Mumbai Indians.  It will be interesting to see how well Pandya plays on this edition of the IPL.

MOEEN ALI 158.46

We have seen Moeen Ali’s batting ability while playing for England and also for Royal Challengers Bangalore. This year he will be donning the yellow jersey. Moeen Ali has a high score of 66, but as mentioned, his ability to clear the boundary is what makes him exciting. Moeen has played 19 matches and has hit 23 sixes and 21 fours. He still has a lot left to show and maybe this is the season he shows his true capabilities.


Morris has played for three teams before and is currently playing for Royal Challengers Bangalore. Morris is known for his bowling but his big-hitting skill has come useful. With a strike rate of 157.87 and a high score of 82 not out, Morris has played many vital innings for his teams. He has played 70 matches in the IPL and has scored 2 fifties and has hit 30 long ones. 


Virender Sehwag one of the most destructive batsmen ever, has a strike rate of 155.44 in the IPL. He has scored 2 centuries and 16 half-centuries in just 104 matches. His high score of 122 is on the list of the highest individual scores in IPL. He has hit 106 sixes and 334 fours. Virender Sehwag played the majority of the games for Delhi Daredevils, unfortunately, he was not able to win the tournament. Sehwag is the only batsman to score 5 consecutive half-centuries in IPL. A true legend.


The Australian power-hitter is known for his big shots and crazy spring bowling. Maxwell has played 82 matches and has scored 1505 runs. He has hit 6 half-centuries and has a high score of 95. This season he will be representing the boys in red, and Maxwell’s skill will play a huge role in RCB’s pursuit to win the title.


in 9th we have, The Delhi Capitals captain, Rishabh Pant. Pant is such an entertaining player, he makes hitting six looks so effortless and cool, similar to Chris Gayle. Pant has 68 matches and has scored 2709 runs. Pant is still very young and has lots to offer, he was also appointed as Delhi Capitals’s ca[tain, it will be interesting to see how he takes the lead and how well his team performs.


We have seen AB play these masterful innings time and time again. He has played 169 matches and scored 4849 runs, including 3 centuries and 38 half-centuries.  There is nothing much to say about him, we all know he is a legend of the game. 

So, these were the players with the highest strike rate in IPL. I hope you liked this list.