List of Top 10 Batsman with Most Fours in IPL History

List of Top 10 Batsman with Most Fours in IPL History

IP Sees the best shots and amazing Boundaries of all Cricket Tournaments. IP History over the period of 12 years have seen some amazing players playing some amazing cricketing shots and hitting some knock off boundaries which makes you question, “ how did they do that”! However, it’s the Indian Opener Shikhar Dhawan who bags the top position in the most 4s in IPL history ever. Want to know the full list of top 10 players who hit the highest number of boundaries in IPL history. Without any further delay let’s check out the list below.

#1. Shikhar Dhawan ( Matches – 159 | Fours – 525 )

Batsman with Most Fours in IPL History

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The Indian Opener who currently plays for Delhi Capitals has a total of 4597 runs and he has scored a whooping 525 4s until 2019 in 159 Matches.

#2. Suresh Raina ( Matches – 193 | Fours – 493)

Suresh Raina plays from Chennai Super Kings. This Aggressive Left Handed Middle Order Batsman holds the record of second highest number of 4s in IPL History ever. He has a total of 5368 runs in IPL until 2019.

#3. Gautam Gambhir ( Matches – 154 | Fours – 491)

Gautam Gambhir is a left handed batman who played for Delhi Capitals in 2019. Prior to that he played for KKR a the captain of the team. He has scored a total of 491 4s until 2019 and is the 2nd runner up in the list of highest 4s in IPL History ever.

#4. Virat Kohli ( Matches – 177 | Fours – 480)

The captain of the Indian Cricket Team and also the Captain of Royal Challengers Bangalore, Virat Kohli ranks 4th in the list of most number of 4s in IPL History. He has 480 4s in his record and has scored a total of 5412 runs until 2019 in IPL.

#5. David Warner ( Matches – 126 | Fours – 458)

David Warner is a Left Handed Australian Batsman. However this genius cricketer is known for his switch hits with the back of his bat or with a right hand stance. He has 458 4s in his IPL Records in just 126 matches.

#6. Robin Uthappa ( Matches – 177 | Fours – 435)

Robin Uthappa is a right handed batsman from Coorg, India. He is one of the consistent players in IPL History and he did really well after he started playing for KKR since 2014. He has 435 4s in his IPL Records.

#7. Rohit Sharma ( Matches – 188 | Fours – 431)

Rohit Sharma is a Right Handed Opener from Mumbai Indians. He has a total of 4898 runs in IPL as of 2019 and has scored 431 4s.

#8. Ajinkya Rahane ( Matches – 140 | Fours – 404)

Ajinkya Rahane is one of this players you have to look out for in the IPL Next season. He is surely back with a bang after 2019. This RR Player has 404 4s until now and a total of 3820 runs in IPL History.

#9. Chris Gayle ( Matches – 125 | Fours – 369)

Chris Gayle or the “ Universe Man”, is one of the most successful players in IPL History. In this cash rich Cricket Tournament, Chris Gayle has proven to be a boon no matter which ever team he plays for. Although he is known as the “ Six Machine”, he has 369 4s in his records and 4484 runs in total in IPL History. He played from Kings XI Punjab in 2019.

#10. Parthiv Patel ( Matches – 139 | Fours – 365)

Parthiv Patel is a left handed wicket keeper batsman who played from RCB. He has a total of 365 boundaries in his IPL Records an a total of 2848 runs until 2019.

So, these were the list of Batsman with highest Boundaries in IPL History ever. Hope you liked this article.