Sunrisers Hyderabad is one of the best teams in the IPL. Their destructive batting lineup, led by the dangerous David Warner, and their clever bowling attack led by the wonderful Bhyvneshwar Kumar, make them one of the most feared teams in the IPL. As we mentioned in the previous article, players play for different teams, and at the end of the season, the team has the choice of whether to retain them or not. Today we will be looking at those players that Sunrisers Hyderabad should have retained and not let go, would they have changed Hyderabad’s destiny, that we do not know, but if they were still there, something positive would have happened.


Shikhar Dhawan:

Shikhar Dhawan played for Sunrisers Hyderabad from  2013 to 2018, i.e he spent 6 seasons with the Hyderabad team. Dhawan holds the record for the most appearances for Hyderabad, with 91 matches under his belt, and in the 91 matches he has played, he scored 2768 runs with a high score of 97 not out. Dhawan had managed to improve season by season, and play is the best cricket in the 2016 edition of the tournament. He managed to score an impressive 501 runs, with a high score of 82 not out, thanks to amazing performance and his team’s resilience, they were able to lift the trophy that year.  Dhawan has played a total of 182 matches in the IPL and has scored a mammoth 5462 runs. It’s hard to say if Dhawan’s presence in the team will make them better, but after watching him bat for Delhi Capitals, he sure would have guided SRH to many victories.

Amit Mishra:

The talented spinner spent two seasons with the team. All of us know how talented of a player Amit Mishra is. His spin bowling can leave even the greatest of the batsmen confused and bamboozled. In fact, Amit Mishra is the only player to have taken 3 hat-tricks in the IPL. One of the hat-tricks was with SRH, against Pune Warriors Inda. Mishra has played a total of 33 games for SRH and has taken a total of 30 wickets. In the IPL, Mishra has played 154 matches in total and has taken an impressive 166 wickets, he is also one of the leading wicket-takers of the tournament. Mishra has had 4 four-wicket hauls and 1 five-wicket haul. Like Shikhar Dhawan, he is currently playing for the Delhi Capitals, where he and his team are tearing the IPL apart.

KL Rahul:

You all might be surprised, but yes, KL Rahul did play for Sunrisers Hyderabad. KL played the 2014-2015 season, and spend just a single season with the team. He played 20 matches for SRH and scored a decent 308 runs, with a high score of 46. Rahul was only 23 at the time, and in my opinion, SRH should have backed him and kept their faith in him. Can you imagine a team with Rahul, Warner, Bairstow, Williamson, they would absolutely demolish everyone. KL Rahul currently is the captain of the Punjab Kings, with whom he has managed to find good success. Rahul has played a total of 87 matches in the IPL and has scored a total of 2887 runs. Rahul has also scored 2 centuries in the IPL. Kl Rahul has proved many times, why he is considered to be of the best batsmen of the game.

Naman Ojha:

Another player many wouldn’t have expected to see on this list, Naman Ojha had a pretty successful time at the club. He played with SRH for four seasons, from 2014 to 2017, and as mentioned had quite a successful time with them.  He played a total of 56 matches and scored 584 runs, with a high score of 79 not out. Naman Ojha was instrumental in many of SRH’s wins and played a huge role in their title-winning season. In total, Naman Ojha has played 113 matches and has scored a decent 1554 runs, with a high score of 94. After his tenure with Sunrisers Hyderabad, he went on to play with Delhi Daredevils, where he spent a single season before retiring from all forms of cricket.

Aaron Finch:

It was tough to choose the last player, but in the end, I decided to go with the Aussie, Aaron Finch. The Aussie played a single season with SRH, had quite a decent season, in my opinion. He played a total of 13 matches and scored a decent 309 runs, with a high score of 88 not out. Finch was also pretty successful on the field as he motivated and commanded the team in many of their performance. Unfortunately for Finch, he was not retained after that season. Finch later went on to play for Mumbai Indians, Punjab Kings, and Royal  Challengers Bangalore, finding moderate success with all of them. In total Finch has played 87 matches and scored an impressive 2005 runs with a high score of 88 not out.

These are the players, in my opinion of course, that Sunrisers Hyderabad should never have let go. As mentioned, it is hard to know what type of impact they would have had, had they remained at Hyderabad. But nevertheless, even after their departure, Hyderabad has found success and so has most of these players.