In a T20 game, hitting a six is the best way to go for batsmen, it not only gets you those quick runs, and also puts immense pressure on bowlers and also increases the intensity of the game.

As easy as it sounds, hitting a six is quite a difficult task. The timing, power, placement, shot selection, should all be perfect if you want to clear the boundary, otherwise, even if one of these factors is underperformed, chances are you most likely will be caught out.

There are some players that go absolutely insane from the minute they step on the crease, they don’t know anything but, hit a six, and most of the time, that six is going to be a one insane six. So today, to commemorate those six hitters, we are going to be taking a look at the players who have hit the most sixes in the IPL.


Chris Gayle- 357:

All of us knew this man was going to be on this list. Such type of a record screams Chirs Gayle. Chirs Gayle has smashed an insane 357 sixes and let me tell you, he is far away from the remaining players on this list. 99.99% of the time, his shots clear the boundary, and once he gets on the groove, you know insanity is going to happen.  Chris Gayle’s 6 hittings have been labeled

“The Gaylestorm”, and very rightly so.

Chirs has played 140 matches in the IPL, and to rack up so many sixes in such a short time is absolutely mindblowing. He has a high score of 175 not out and he has a total of 4950 runs in the IPL. Chris will be most famously remembered for wearing the red Bangalore jersey, and teaming up with Virat and AB to cause misery to opposition bowlers.

He currently plays for the Punjab Kings, and we got to see some of his special shots during the 2021 IPL.

AB de Villiers- 245:

What can one say about ABD? ABD has to be one of the most versatile and complete batsmen in the world. He can play a shot in absolute any direction and I don’t think having a fielder in any parts of the ground can stop this man. We all have seen him play some extremely unique shots and because of this he has been nicknamed “Mr, 360”.

ABD has played 176 matches in the IPL and has managed to hit an insane 254 sixes. He has scored a total of 5056 runs and looks unstoppable, even now. ABD has a top score of 133 not out and only looked stronger in the 2021 edition of the tournament.

ABD is an integral part of RCB, and I don’t think you can imagine the team without him.


Rohit Sharma- 224:

The hitman is the third player on this list. Rohit similar to Gayle and ABD once in the groove is absolutely unstoppable. Even if you bowl a perfectly good ball to him, chances are that it won’t matter and Rohit would have easily cleared the boundary.

Rohit has played 207 matches in the IPL and he has hit an insane 224 sixes. Rohit has a top score of 109 not out. If you are a bowler and you see Rohit wald down the pitch, all geared up and ready to bat, I am sure you will have a bit of fear.

Rohit is also one of the tournament’s most successful players, having won the trophy a record 5 times, while also captaining them during all those years. Similar, to how we cannot imagine RCB without Virat Kohli or ABD, there is no way we can imagine Mumbai Indians without Rohit Sharma.


MS Dhoni- 217 sixes:

If you were to ask any cricket fan to specify that one special moment in MSD’s career, the majority of them would say the helicopter shot he hit against Sri Lanka to secure the ICC cricket world cup.

MSD has played many crucial knocks for both India and CSK, and in that process, he has smashed many sixes. MSD has played a record 211 matches in the IPL, making him one of the veterans of the tournament. He has a top score of 84 not out and an average of 40.25, which is insane.

MSD led CSK is the second most successful team in the IPL, and under MSD’s brilliant leadership, CSK has only gone from strength to strength.

Kieron Pollard- 211 sixes:

One of the few players who have stayed with one team throughout their entire IPL career, Kieron Pollard is the last player to be featured on this list. The big hitter from West Indies has smashed a record 211 sixes. We got to see a few of them against the CSK, where Pollard scored a brilliant 87 not out to secure the win for Mumbai.

Pollard has played 171 matches in the IPL and has scored a total of 2115 runs. Pollard is one of the grates all-rounders ever, and if he doesn’t perform well with the bat, you can always trust him to get you those quick wickets.