Will RCB win the league this year or will Mumbai continue their dominancy?

As an Indian there are very few things that get us all pumped and excited, festivals and free food are the main ones, the other one is the IPL.

From kids to old people, from people with clear knowledge to people who might not even know who Virat Kohli is, come together and celebrate this joyous occasion. That one month has to be one of the best and tense months ever. 

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As usual, teams have released and purchased new players. They have all strengthened their teams in the hopes to win the tournament and lift the cup. One of the rituals that happen before any tournament starts is prediction.

People debate left, right, and center on which team will win the cup, which team will qualify, etc. So, I thought I’ll also join the debate, and present my predictions for this year’s IPL.

Top Four Teams for IPL 2021 (Predictions!)

Now of course this is all my opinion and if you don’t agree with me, we’ll I don’t see why you wouldn’t agree with me, because my “prediction strategy” is as good as Jadeja’s fielding.

The Unbeaten Champions – Mumbai Indians

We have seen what they can do, and now players such as Suryakumar Yadav, Ishan Kishan, and Hardik Pandya, showing their worth in the recently concluded tournament, are without a doubt the “big dogs” of the league. Not to mention the hitman himself. They for without a doubt will qualify the group stage and who knows might even the cup again, for the sixth time.

The Ones who Dare – Delhi Capitals

My next prediction is a bit of an oddball, for some reason, I back Delhi Capitals to finish in the top four. With the right blend of young and experienced players, Delhi Capitals is a good team.

Moreover, they recently appointed Rishabh Pant as their new captain. It will be interesting to see what he can do as a captain. Rishabh has shown a sense of maturity. From his knocks against England, we can notice that he has changed and looks ready to lead a team. The absence of Shreyas Iyer will have an impact on the team, but with players like Dhawan, Smith, Shaw, and the paceman Kagoshima Rababda, the team has potential. It will be exciting to watch them play as well.

The Men in Yellow – CSK

The next team that I’m predicting will finish within the top four is, none other than the mighty CSK. When I see CSK players walking down the pitch, reminds me of the Avengers assembling, with MS Dhoni being the Captain America of the team. (I’m a Captain America fan) With Sam Curran showing his capabilities with the bat and ball, and with players like Shradul and Ngidi, they can create a storm in the tournament. Even though last year was a weird year for the team, I am completely sure that this time, the whole squad will be more focused and ready to tear the IPL down.

The Challengers – RCB

Choosing the last team was a bit hard. Out of the five remaining teams, I wasn’t sure which one had the most potential and could guarantee a spot in the top four. Initially, I wanted to go with Sunrisers Hyderabad, the team is absolutely phenomenal. David Warner, Kane Williamson, Bhuvaneshwar Kumar, Rashid Khan. However, I have decided to go with RCB. 

RCB I won’t lie is a weird team. The team also has a good squad, but somehow they manage to disappoint each and every time. But the reason why I went with them is that I think the team will be fully amped up and ready to conquer the tournament this year.

I am sure Virat Kohli will be hungrier than ever, and with ABD, proving over and over, they have all the potential to lift the cup this year. With support from Devadutt Padikal, Zampa, they can surprise us all. This could be the season where the team showcases their actual talent and surprises us all. 

The beauty of IPL Is that it is unpredictable, MI may never qualify instead it may be KL Rahul and his team that does, RCB may still be the old RCB and flop from the very beginning. However, this is my prediction and it will be seen how close I am.

Regardless, this one month is going to be an action-packed month and I am certain everyone will be excited to see their team do well in the tournament.